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Sponsored Article in the Business Resources Section

  • Business Resources are classified as follows:
    • Business Publications
    • Business Reports
      • Company Reports
      • Country & Regional Reports
      • Industry Reports
    • Links to other Business Resources on the World Wide Web
    • Online Business News

  • Other classifications may be added upon request.
  • Sponsored Articles or advertorials are used to inform others about a product, service, person, company, or idea. The objective is to inform, persuade, or remind prospects and the general public, about the corporate image, a particular brand or cause.
  • Your text should be in one of the following formats (from most to least desirable):
    • html format including all links to other pages and graphic images
    • doc format* created with Word for Windows
    • rtf format* created with WordPad
    • txt format* (ascii text) created with any editor
    • scanned image format**

    and sent by e-mail to<

    *) If your document is not in html format there is a surcharge for conversion of A$10.00 per A4 (letter size) page.
    **) If your document is on a scanned image there is a surcharge for OCR or typing of A$20.00 per A4 (letter size) page.

  • Graphic images may be included at the same price per KB. Graphics should be in the following formats:
    • jpg, png or gif format
    • tif, bmp, pcx or wmf format*

    and sent by e-mail to

    *) If your graphic is not in jpg, png or gif format there is a surcharge for conversion of A$10.00 per graphic image.

  • A button can be added to display a feedback form that allows users to give a direct response. Possible applications: requesting more information, registration for an event, ordering products and services, surveys, entry for a competition.
  • Links to the customer's e-mail address and web site (if available) are included in the price.
  • Links may also be added to a Business Directory Entry or Business Opportunity Notice.
  • Sponsored Articles are placed on separate web pages on our web site on the Internet. You may want to refer to your web page on your business card, letterhead, print/other media ads etc.

Business Resources:
Info | Rate Card

Rate Card - Sponsored Article in the Business Resources Section

  • Article up to 100KB (102,400 characters) size: A$100/month.
  • Article larger than 100KB: A$1/KB (or part thereof)/month.
  • Identical Article under more than one classification: 50% of the above rates for each additional classification.
  • All prices are in Australian Dollars and are valid until further notice. The US$ exchange rate is approximately A$1.00 = US$0.80.

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