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Information about the International Business Forum

The International Business Forum provides information about business opportunities in the international marketplace. It is intended for companies wishing to export or expand into foreign markets as well as for those interested to acquire products and services from other countries.

Business Directory
Contains names and contact information of companies involved in or servicing international business and trade. There are three types of directories: Country Directories, Regional Directories (any group of two or more countries) and a Global Directory. All directories are further classified by type of business. More on Business Directories. Go to Business Directory.

Business Opportunities
Notices related to International Business Opportunities are posted here. Companies may place announcements relating to products, services and investment opportunities, both offered and required, as well as notices about potential business relationships, such as agencies, distributorships, joint ventures, licensing and franchising. Go to Business Opportunities.

Business Resources
Contains links to Business Resources on the Internet, including business publications and other web sites related to international business.Go to Business Resources.

Business Associations
Notices and links related to Business Associations are placed here. Go to Business Associations.

Business Meetings
Notices and links related to Business Meetings are placed here. Go to Business Meetings.

Business Education
Notices and links related to Business Education and Training are posted here. Go to Business Education.

Search Facility
A Search Facility is available on the International Business forum, allowing you to use one or more keywords to search sections of the forum, or the entire web site. More on the Search Facility.

Yes, you can Advertise on the International Business forum. More on Advertising.

Order Forms
Use Order Forms to submit your advertising copy to the International Business Forum. More on Order Forms.

What's New in the International Business Forum

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