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What's New in the International Business Forum

Fully Responsive Web Design

The International Business Forum at is now a responsive website that will adjust the appearance on mobile phones, iPads, tablets and other devices.

Search each section of the website independently:

You can search each section of the International Business Forum website (e.g. Business Opportunities or Business Resources) independently. See How to use the Search Facility for more information.

Business Directory

More companies, countries and regions have been added to the Business Directory.

Business Meetings

Search the database for information on Trade Shows, Conferences, Seminars and other events.

Business Opportunities

Notices have been posted under Products Offered & Required, Services Offered & Required, Investment Opportunities, Agents & Distributors, Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliances, Licensing and Franchising. Look them up and see if you are interested!

Business Resources

  • Read the online version of your favorite business magazine.
  • Do currency conversions using the Currency Converter powered by

Please check this area regularly for the latest news on the International Business Forum.

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