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Natural Sausage Casings

YongXing Casing Co., Ltd. is a professional producer of natural sausage casings in China. We manufacture fresh salted hog casings and sheep casings of all calibers and lengths and have been exporting to many countries in Europe.

If you would like to import good quality sausage casings with very competitive prices, we'd be very happy to cooperate with you.

Salted Hog Casings, Salted Sheep Casings, etc.
Packing: 150 hanks of hog casings in one cask;
500 hanks of sheep casings in one cask; or upon demand.
Other products: hog bladders, hog chitterings, fatends, stomachs, etc.
Products character: Strong texture; natural colors; all calibers available; fresh salted.

For detailed info about our products/enterprise, please visit our official website

Industrial Zone, Tao Yuan Town
Rugao city
Nanjing, Jiangsu 210011
Phone:  +86-133-3772-5541
Fax:  +86-25-5882-1075
Web site:
Contact:  Mr. Felix Lee, Export Manager

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