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International Trilingual Personal Assistant


International Trilingual Personal Assistant

(Master of Arts in Translation Studies)

Available for business trips, practical and confident

(English - Spanish - French)

(Please, don't pass me by!)

My name is Gracia and I am at the age in which experience meets maturity. I ‘cheer’ life and myself and look forward to establishing a long-lasting working relationship with you.

I was born in Asturias (1959) a Northern province and former kingdom of Spain that has many Celtic traditions, e.g. its music and use of the bagpipes… There, I received a good school education in which I learnt to love my own language, and then I went to France, Ireland and England to acquaint with other cultures and languages while growing to be an active participant of the world.

I became a widow at the age of 27 but, despite all the odds, I continued the long ‘apprenticeship’ of my career with my baby-daughter and I postgraduate in Translations Studies (England, 2001.)

As I am now completely independent and willing to travel the world, I would like to put my professional and personal abilities and skills at your service, with the purpose of creating a favourable ‘atmosphere’ for your business and to help you with your International Negotiations.

I am offering an intelligent accompaniment service (easy or hard, long or short) for a wide variety of social and business activities, from international social outings to the more ‘accurate’ translator/interpreter tasks and duties.

I am professional, honest, reliable and respectful. I find people very interesting and I enjoy and appreciate their company. I learn with fascination and commitment. I love challenge and I am ambitious. I remain charismatic, lively and active and I am now ready to begin a new passage in life:

I am a very ‘polyvalent’ woman and therefore open to all sorts of propositions concerning work.

I translate English and French into Spanish (my native language).

I am positive, direct and caring in my actions and choices while interpreting (English, French and Spanish).

Personal assistant
2 Grand Rue
30000 Nîmes
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