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CD manipulation tool

As well known, the supports used for the optical recording, and consequent reading, of data, have remarkable characteristics of duration in the time if the inferior disk surface maintain good transparency. So it's generally a good idea to avoid scratches or stains that can prevent a good reading of the underlying data. Because these disks, generally, are put in work (inserted in the driver) without any protection, it's very probable that the side that must be read comes in contact with the operator's fingers. This could often carry to a difficult reading if not, in some cases, to an unreadable disk. The necessary cleaning operation to restore the CD, not always performed with adequate means, risks, in the long run, a worse situation.

The idea
A tool that allows the CD manipulation in sure manner avoiding any contact with its inferior surface.

The fact
Our company bought the right of manufacture for a recent Italian patent regarding this kind of tool and we are realizing the first samples series that will be ready during the first week of April. It's possible to have the tool (customized) in both light alloy or ABS version.

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