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Seeking Distributors / Agents

Since more than ten years TECNOMOTOR is active in the market of Automotive diagnostic equipment with a complete product line that evolved over the years not only according to regulation changes, as far as environmental control is concerned, but mainly because of the increased requirements of the automotive specialist. Major goal of our Company was therefore to develop diagnostic tools more and more sophisticated both for functionality and for ease-of-use, such as to adequately match the increasingly diagnostic complexity of modern vehicles, where electronic is becoming the key issue.

TECNOMOTOR's diagnostic equipment is currently exported to many countries and was approved by major international certification entities, such as PTB, UTAC, CUNA, OIML, INMETRO, GOS STANDARD, RWT_V.

TECNOMOTOR presents today in the field of engine diagnosis equipment a totally renewed product line.

To expand sales a new market research is in act; therefore we are looking for distributors in many countries.

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via A. B. Nobel 19/A
Parma 43100
Phone: +39-521-398211
Fax: +39-521-607586
Web site:
Contact: Stefano Marconi, General Manager

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