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Theme Park(s)

Our company, est. 1990, has been working for 4 years on a business plan, which has recently been completed. The business plan covers a highly profitable, huge cash-flow generating project in one of the biggest touristic emerging markets near Europe, namely Turkey (10 mio visitors each year, of which 25 % in a region of appr. 10.000 sq. km. near our site/park). It consists of a theme park, unique in its kind, with guaranteed success to tourists AND local people. The park will combine entertainment, culture, art and sports in an area of appr. 500.000 to 800.000 sq. meters, and will be the first in its kind in Turkey. The investment will exceed 30 mio USD. Opening will be in the year 2000. Our company is looking for investors in this project. Pay-back can be guaranteed in short term!!

Other opportunities in or with Turkey in a number of businesses will be possible.

When interested, please contact:

Danny Stessens - Chairman of the Board
Address: P. Van Mierlostraat 2
B2300 Turnhout
Tel.: 0032/14/43.52.12
Fax: 0032/14/42.01.65
Mobile: 0032/477/200769

Every response will be handled discretely by myself.

Yours sincerely,

Danny Stessens.

P. Van Mierlostraat 2
B2300 Turnhout
Phone: +32/14/43.52.12
Fax: +32/14/42.01.65
Contact: Danny Stessens, Chairman of the Board

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