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Business in Ukraine

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to ask you if your company has plans to be more active in the Ukrainian market and if you will need local consultants or sales managers for the region.

I am a sales administration manager experienced in marketing research and successful starting and developing businesses.

You do not have to risk your money on entering an unknown market. I propose my assistance in

  • collecting all the information necessary for starting your business in Ukraine;
  • representation of your business in Ukraine;
  • starting and developing your business in Ukraine.

1. collecting all the information necessary for starting your business in Ukraine

  • macro-environment analysis (government regulations, economic trends, technological advances, law background, ecological issues, etc.);
  • market and competition analysis (market definition, market size and structure, market segmentation, industry structure and strategic groupings, competition and market share, competitors' strengths and weaknesses, market trends, etc.);
  • consumer analysis or marketing research (concept testing, brand name testing, brand equity research, demand estimation, positioning research, segmentation research, advertising and promotion research, etc.).

2. representation of your business in Ukraine playing role of a regional manager of you company

  • promotion of your brand and products;
  • contacts with the target audience;
  • sales.

3. starting and developing your business in Ukraine

  • search for office place for your company;
  • search for human resource for your company;
  • consulting and training services for starting up and development of business.

Waiting for your comments and propositions.

Best regards,

Phone:  +380-50 513-43-14
Contact:  Stanislav Rezvin, Sales Administration Manager

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