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Special Purpose Vehicles

We are very pleased to introduce SMT (Soosung Motors Technology Co., Ltd) which is one of the leading manufacturers of special purpose vehicles in Korea.

SMT has a lot of manufacturing experience in the field of towing, recovering/rescuing for automobiles & breakdown vehicles, environment maintenance vehicles, tank lorries and various customized special purpose vehicles.

Our product range includes Wrecker Trucks, Under Lift Wrecker Trucks, Safety Loaders, Boom with Under lift Wrecker Trucks, Cargo Crane Trucks, Tank Lorries, Garbage Compactors, Sewerage Trucks, Water Cannons and other special purpose vehicles.

  • Under lift (1.5 tons, 2.5 tons, 20tons)
  • Wrecker Crane (3tons, 5tons, 7tons, 10tons, 30tons)
  • Wrecker Crane with underlift (3tons, 10tons, 15tons, 20tons, 30tons)
  • Safety Loader (Standard type, Dump type, Low approach type)
  • Tank Lorry (Water, Fuel, other chemicals)
  • Garbage Compactor (4.5m3~25m3)
  • Hook Lift Truck (10m3~45m3)
  • Vacuum Lorry (5,000L~22,000L)
  • Sewer Cleaner (4m3~9m3)
  • Road Sweeper (2m3~6m3)
  • Aircraft Refueler (3,000L~20,000L)
  • Aerial Platform Truck (8m~27m)

We have exported our products to Japan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Myanmar , Iraq, Dubai, Uzbekistan etc with great success.

Our export amount is about 44 million USD in 2015.

If you have any inquiry for special purpose vehicles or parts requirements, feel free to contact me.

Thanks and best regards,
Simon Park, Overseas General Manager

536-2, Galsan-ri, Wolgot-myeon,
Gimpo-City, Gyeonggi-Do,
South Korea
Phone:  +82-31- 981-1177
Fax:  +82-31- 996-7020
Contact:  Mr. Simon Park, Overseas Director

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