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Luck Enhancers

The most potent items used in the ancient art of Feng Shui to enhance your luck in business, career, love and family. Also provide consultancy services. Guaranteed results within days. Use Feng Shui for a better life, meaningful abundance, prosperity and happiness. Feng Shui brings opportunities, improves chances of success and creates peace and goodwill in relationships. Items are exquisite, genuine Feng Shui symbols, to be used/placed according to instructions for optimum results. Find your lucky direction, enhance your lucky corner and see the difference. Harmonise your environment and attract favourable energy.

51, Jalan Lang
Padang Tembak
30000 Ipoh
Phone: +60-012-5180503
Fax: +60-5-5062608
Contact: Ms. Bindi, Proprietor

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