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Industrial Gas Saver - Unique Technology

Using our Proprietary Technology called Frequency Embedding Technology, which is First of its kind in the World, we have developed Industrial and domestic Gas Saver strips made of stainless Steel. It is very effective in saving Industrial gases like Oxygen, Nitrogen, Arc welding gases etc., through a very simple process.

The Gas saved ranges from 20% to 35%. Technology and Method: Few numbers of Gas Saving Frequency Embedded stainless steel strips are stuck over the Gas Tanks and the Gas Pipelines. The Saving starts instantly. It is very safe as nothing is done, except external pasting of strips. The Life of these strips is a minimum of 1 year.

Industries can increase their profit margins considerably, using these Gas Saver Strips. WE LOOK TO APPOINT DISTRIBUTORS COUNTRY WISE FOR THIS SENSATIONAL NEED OF THE HOUR GADGET.

H 6A,Krupa Colony, First Avenue,
Ashok Nagar, Chennai 600083
Phone:  +919381044542
Contact:  Dr.Krishnamurthy, Founder/CEO

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