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Cosmetics And Beauty Products

We offer several brands of beauty products, cosmetics and soaps for sale. Please contact us directly with your orders. We offer wholesale prices to distributors, suppliers and wholesalers. Discount prices only apply to large orders.

For retail prices please visit our website at:
You may also contact us by phone: 1(845) 321-2844 or leave message.
You can also send emails:

Product description and brands.

We offer the following products:

  • Peeling Gel
  • High Humectant Lift
  • Shea Butter Botanical Lotion
  • Soft Skin Cream
  • Hydro-Force Botanical Lotion
  • Mousse Cleansing Foam
  • Botanical Cleansing Milk Lotion
  • After Shave
  • After Shave Balsam

Our products description:

Our OMIR™ products have been very effective in combating skin problems and slowing the skin's aging process. Our exfoliate creams have shown immediate results after a few applications. They have also been very effective against dullness, dead cells, ashy dry skin, dirt, discoloration, wrinkles and facial lines that are caused by pre-mature aging.

Many of our customers have noticed amazing results after using our OMIR™ Products. Their skin texture has completely improved in a matter of weeks.

Samples can be obtained at: $10.00 per sample.

Please send us your requests directly by e-mail.

P.O. Box 1136 - 10931
NEWYORK 1136-10931
United States
Phone:  +1 (845) 321-2844 or leave message
Web site:
Contact:  D. Bullmann, Marketing And Promotion

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