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Egyptian Handicrafts

We would like to represent ourselves to you as exporters of Egyptian handicrafts and products dealing in :-

  1. handmade, handcoloured papyrus papers with Pharaonic drawings.
  2. Handmade flat woven carpets for wall decoration.
  3. Silver Jewelry with Pharaonic designs.
  4. Handmade perfume glass bottles.
  5. Handmade chess of camel bones.
  6. Relief on limestone.
  7. Handmade marble statuettes and products.
  8. Ceramic tiles for wall and floor for kitchen and bathroom, and sanitary equipments.

Thanking you in anticipation of an early and favourable reply informing us about the possibility of marketing any of these products in your country.

P.O. Box 78
El Fagala
Cairo 11523
Phone:  +20 25892051
Fax:  +20 25892051
Web site:
Contact:  Milad Mounir Hanna, Exporter

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