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Pelvis Equipment & Constipation Diet Patch

I would like to introduce our items to you.

We have two companies.

First, Mediotec ( It specializes in Korean traditional bio items. We have special Korean traditional bio technique and hospital and institute. We have developed many various items and we will provide them over the world.

Second, Janghoo corporation. It specializes as exporter.

Now, first of all, we would like to introduce 2 items.
The first thing is pelvis equipment. Please check
The second thing is constipation diet patch.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon, we remain with best regards.
Overseas Manager Lee

No 1903 Yeoksam Venture-tel 642-1
Yeoksamdong Gangnamgu
Phone: +82-2-2192-3708
Fax: +82-2-2192-3710
Web site:,
Contact: Lee, Dong Yeol, Overseas Manager

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