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Export Opportunities from South Africa

African Arts and Crafts.

We have a large selection of stone and wood carvings, beadwork, paintings, sculptures and face masks. The animal carvings can range from small house hold displays to almost life size. These items are hand made and are sourced from a large cross section of African Nations. We have a large data base of pictures of different items, if you are interested we will e-mail you the information. We prefer to ship a minimum of a 6 metre container. e-mail us at

Planters and Pottery.

A large selection Planter’s and Pottery, we are looking for retailers/distributors in all countries. The minimum order would be a 12 metre container pictures and prices will be e-mailed to interested parties. e-mail us at

Leather Industrial work Gloves.

A large selection of Industrial work gloves to suit many applications. We are looking for interested retailers or distributors in all countries. A full catalogue is available please interested parties e-mail us at

Ceramic Tiles and Sanitary ware.

We have an extensive range of ceramic tiles and sanitary wares. These products are manufactured to the German DIN specifications. We are looking for tile importers. All interested parties should e-mail us at

Copper Cable.

A comprehensive range of copper cables are produced to cater for the telecommunication and industrial market sectors. Telecommunication, instrumentation, process control, data, coaxial, PCM, signaling and pilot cables are available in a range of constructions to suit both indoor and outdoor applications. For specific details please e-mail us at

Optical Fibre Cable.

Optical fibre cables are manufactured using single mode and /or multimode fibres. Most optical fibre cables fall into one of two categories, tight buffered or loose tube. The indoor fibre cables are as follows: Ruggedised Tail Cables simplex and duplex, Multifiber Distribution Cables and Multifiber Breakout Cables. The outdoor optical fibre as follows: Low Count Duct cables, Underground Cables, Short Span Aerial Cables, Long Span Aerial Cables and Field Deployable Cables. For further specifications and other details please e-mail us at

Optical Fibre.

The two categories of optical fibre designs are: Singlemode step-index and multimode graded index. Both single mode and multimode optical fibre consist of deposited silica cladding, minimally doped to achieve a matched refractive index, and a germanium doped core. For multimode optical fibre, the core doping is precisely varied with the radius to give a parabolic type profile that provides minimum modal dispersion (maximum bandwidth). Please contact us by e-mail at

Dried Flowers.

A huge opportunity for flower industry world wide. South African forna and flora is widely known as one of the most diverse in the world. We have a wide variety of dried flowers for export. Some of the process of drying and preserving are unique and give us an advantage over competitors on quality. For further information and prices please e-mail

Swimming Pool Chemicals.

A range of pool chemicals manufactured to the highest specifications. The range is complete and is designed for the harsh African conditions. We are looking for African agents please e-mail for further information.


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South Africa
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Contact: Gary Lang, Director

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