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Microfiber Goods

What are microfiber cleaning cloths?

These are amazing miracle cleaning cloths for all cleaning purposes.
Microfiber cloths clean ANY dusty, dirty, greasy, grimy surface with water only!

Microfiber cloths are used for cleaning, shining or wiping of all valuable and delicate household goods, glass, optical/photo lenses, Compact Disks, Laser Disks, crystal kitchen wares, golf clubs, jewellery, furniture, computers, auto interior/exterior cleaning, etc.

Clean-house (KTCC) proudly present miracle cleaning cloths. To see is to believe!!!

Short orders are welcomed from those interested in marketing or distributing microfiber products world wide!!!

Fax: +82-2-3217-9912

22-1, Bukwang b/d Kuki-dong, Chongno-ku
Korea (South)
Phone: +82-2-3217-9902
Fax: +82-2-3217-9912
Contact: Oddar Choi, manager

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