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Olive Island Marina

Investment opportunity to participate in the booming Croatian marina market without the hassles of operating one.

As part of our plan for the new marina we are selling long term leases on a 10 year investment basis where the investor buys the lease and receives all the rental income during this period from it. Our calculations suggest that this could create annual returns in excess of 20% p.a.

Experienced travellers associate Northern Dalmatia with its unique culture, breathtaking scenery and friendly people. At the same time the finance and investment experts are aware of its moderate prices and its growing popularity as a holiday destination for both western and eastern European target groups.

114 -116 Curtain Road
United Kingdom
Phone:  +44 20 7613 7790
Fax:  +44 20 7033 0223
Web site:
Contact:  Glenda Daniewski, Sales Manager

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