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Internet education market

I am the principal of an independent investment advisory company. I am working on three opportunities in the Internet education space.

The first is with a Korean venture which I am advising on raising $6m of equity funding. The company is aiming to become the leading provider of on-offline education for the K12 market in Korea.

Second, I am a founder shareholder in a web site for connecting english language teachers with students in Japan.

Third, I am working with an English language teaching software company based in the UK which is developing a new way to deliver English language tuition online.

I am seeking an investment partner to help bring forward these various projects. The partner will provide funding and in return will receive a share of the success fee from raising finance for the Korean company, the opportunity to participate as a founding shareholder in the English tutor site, and an option to become part of the development team for the English language teaching software.

1-9 Megami Yama-cho
Megami Yama-cho, Koyoen
Nishinomiya, 662-0011
Phone: +81-798 71-1002
Phone: +81-798 71-1002
Contact:  Alex Stewart, Principal

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