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Amazing New Justick Display Surfaces

JuSTick offers a great way of effortlessly creating effective high quality displays. The user simply places an object to be displayed onto a JuSTick surface, and as if by magic it just sticks. No pins, glues, adhesive tapes or magnets.

JuSTick is a non-tacky, polymer based display surface, which is easy to clean.

Anyone involved in creating displays will appreciate the possibilities this presents. The patented JuSTick electro-adhesion technology produces a force on the surface which holds a variety of materials such as paper, posters, glass, plastic and metals. The display materials, such as posters can be held in an upright position firmly and smoothly across its entire surface preventing the display from sagging due to moisture, heat or material expansion.

JuSTick offers the manufacturing and distribution rights to several market tested products in geographical areas such as the USA, Europe, Japan, China and Australia.

JuSTick is fast becoming popular in boardrooms, exhibition halls, receptions, schools, universities and conference centres world wide. This is a tremendous investment opportunity with non-linear revenue prospects.

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