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Surface Decorative Sheet for Furniture

Hyewon International Inc., offers plastic surface decorative sheets which are widely used for furniture, window frame, door panel, and wall covering and flooring. We have a great variety of design patterns including:

  1. Wood grains
  2. Marble, Granite, and other designs
  3. Solid color designs.

Hyewon's decorative sheet is used to create a natural relaxing atmosphere at home, office, school, and many other places. There are two kinds of decorative sheets: single layer and laminated layers for higher durability. Both products can be embossed with a variety of finishes, available in MATT, SEMI-MATT, and glossy finishes.

For more information, kindly email us at or call us on 82-2-34749300.

1629-33 Seocho-1dong, Seocho-gu
Phone: +82-2-34749300
Fax: +82-234749307
Web site:
Contact: Mr. Si Young Pang, President

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