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Automatic Label Printing Machine

We are Chinese leading manufacturer & exporter of automatic label printing machines for more than 20 years. Our machines currently have good market in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, etc.

Our present manufacturing range covers more than 10 different types of Label Printing Machines applied in the field of printing, publishing, packing, garment and label printing industry.

Applicable Materials:

Various types winded material of non-dried tape (blue adhesive tape), aluminum foil, poly ethylene, acetic acid transparent film, acetic acid spun silk, ribbon, leather band of jean trousers, etc.

Features: Electromagnetic clutching, automatic material feeding, multi-color printing, automatic reprinting, double-side printing, hot-stamping, laminating, die-cutting, sprocket hole punching, UV drying, label stickers waste collecting, rewinding, labels cutting, etc.

Product Specifications:

  1. Automatic label printing machine.
  2. Rotary letterpress label printing machine.
  3. Automatic label die-cutting machine.
  4. Automatic cutter and label roll bender.
  5. Automatic rewinder.
  6. UV machine and laminating unit.
  7. Automatic safety door unit.
  8. Automatic hot-stamping system.
  9. Automatic sprocket hole punching unit.
  10. Automatic overprinting monitor.
  11. Double sided printing system.
  12. Vacuum frame.
  13. Printing ink and Printing material, etc.

If you find any interest in label printing machines and if you are familiar with the local market to be our agent in your region, please feel free to contact us for more details.

No.180, Tongfu Middle Road
Nantou Town
Zhongshan, Guangdong
Phone:  +86-760-3136730
Fax:  +86-760-3136686
Web site:
Contact:  Mr. Joe Ma, International Business Manager

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