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Tools, Wrench, Plier, Hammer, Screwdriver, Drill

We are producing and exporting:

TOOLS: Hand tools, Pliers, American type pliers, European type pliers, German type pliers, fishing gear pliers, long reach pliers, mini pliers, plate pliers, special pliers, other pliers, pliers finishing and packing, Screwdriver, screwdriver set, Wrench, spanner, adjustable wrench, dead wrench, double open-box wrench, double open-end wrench, combination wrench, dead wrench set, hex key wrench, socket wrench, ratchet, sliding t-bar, extension bar, socket wrench set, Hammer, claw hammer, engineer's ball hammer, machinist hammer, stoning hammer, sledge hammer, splitting maul, axe with handle, steel pick heads, Measuring tools, tape measures, rulers and squares, plumb bobs, Auger bit, SDS-plus shank auger bit, hex shank auger bit, carbide tipped auger bit, hand brace auger bit, ship auger bit, auger bit set, Driver bit, Twist drill, HSS straight shank twist drill, stub drill, long twist drill, taper shank twist drill, twist drill set, Screw tap, HSS screw tap, Electric hammer drill, SDS-plus hammer drill, SDS-max shank hammer drill, four-hollow square shank hammer drill, hex shank hammer drill, straight spline shank hammer drill, tapered shank hammer drill, SDS-plus hammer drill set, Chisel, pointed chisel, small flat chisel, big flat chisel, gouge and groove chisel, Masonry drill, masonry drill set, Hole saw, wood hole saw, wood T.C.T. hole saw, T.C.T. hole saw, HSS hole saw, hole saw set, Saw blade, diamond wet cutter saw blade, T.C.T. circular saw blade, Wood working drill set, Combination tool sets, Electric power tools, Garden tools, whole shears, hedge shears, big cutting shears, long fruit shears, high shears, flower tool collection, grass rakes, nail rakes, rakes head, garden hand tools: trowel, transplanter, cultivator, fork, scooper, hoe, weeder, trimmer, shovel, garden saws.

For details, please visit our website or ask for catalogue.

Room 502, No.70, Lane 888, Laiting South Road,
Shanghai 201615
Phone:  +86-21-67621251
Fax:  +86-21-67620851
Web site:
Contact:  Boris J., General Manager

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