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Brake Hoses

JIZHOU CITY HENGWEI RUBBER PRODUCTS CO., LTD was established in 1993. Today we are the leading manufacturer of brake hoses in China. We have more than ten years experience in producing, developing and researching hydraulic brake hoses, hose fittings and assemblies for automobiles and motorcycles.

Our main products include:

  • Brake hoses
    1. 3.2mmx10.5mm 1/8" HL SAE J1401 (two layer white rayon reinforced).
    2. 3.2mmx10.5mm 1/8" HL SAE J1401 (two layer red and one layer white rayon).
    3. 3.2mmx10.5mm 1/8" HL SAE J1401 (three layer red rayon reinforced).
    4. We can also produce other kind of brake hoses, like 4mmx12mm, 4.8mmx12.5mm, etc.
    5. Stainless steel Braided brake hoses.
  • Brake hose fittings (according to samples or drawings).
  • Brake hose assemblies (according to samples or drawings).

Our main product hydraulic brake hoses have the advantage of a firm agglutinate between the outer rubber and the yarns, which resist brake fluid, ageing and leakage.

For more information, visit our website.

Zhaoxiangtun Industrial Zone
Weitun Town
Jizhou City, Hebei Province 053200
Phone:  +86-0318-2153866
Fax:  +86-0318-2153866
Web site:
Contact:  Candy, Sales Manager

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