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Aerial Crane

We are a leading truck mounted crane manufacturer in South Korea and would like to develop business opportunities with you.

Since 1982, we have produced mobile crane and become one of the biggest and prominent crane manufacturers in South Korea. Our company specializes in providing various mobile crane to major international import company.

Now, we are supplying aerial platforms (Mobile Elevating Working Platform), small cargo and auger cranes to Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Bulgaria, Jordan, UAE, Kazakhstan etc.

Our main strength lies in mounting on small chassis, such as 1.4~2.5 MT chassis with 21M working height. We supply high quality products at the most competitive price. I think our products are very competitive in your local market.

We may state that should you favorably consider our proposal and favor us with inquiries for your specific requirements. We are in a position to supply you with all goods at competitive prices.

Furthermore, based on your particular needs, we can recommend suitable cranes for you. Please feel free to give us a call or fax us anytime for further details.

Our crane's main usage is maintenance of street facilities, electric works, communications works, maintenance of signboards, landscaping trees, and other high aerial work.

851-1 Sanjeong-ri, Shinpoong-myun
Gongju, Chungchongnam-do 314-882
South Korea
Phone:  +82-41-841-1116
Fax:  +82-41-841-8904
Web site:
Contact:  Mr. Kim Young-woo, Sales Assistant

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