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Seek Distributors Worldwide

Our company offers the distribution in your country of a unique product: Complete Interactive Video Distribution System on twisted pair cable, all hardware and software, aimed at private hospitals, hotels, airports, colleges and company headquarters.

The system allows the reception and treatment of any video and audio source, then the selective distribution of the signal through a typical service building PDS network.

All parameters in the network are controlled from a standard PC with the system software: user parameters, pay-per-view channels, access codes, volume control, sending messages to screens, video-on-demand-control,...

You can also use the powerful interactive functions for calling the server from your TV remote: access to databases on your TV, reservations, telepurchasing...

C/ La Salle, 14
43500 Tortosa
Phone: +34 07249843
Fax: +34 77510549
Contact: Mr Joan J. Sanz, General Manager

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