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Investment/Portfolio/Education & Affiliate Program

CASHevolution is a new breed of company that combines the revenue potential of an Investment Club with the power of Affiliate Marketing to make your money start working for you. Don't have any money to invest? No problem; we'll help you make some! Backed by some of the biggest names on the internet, Mark Joyner - Roibot, Mike Glaspie - owner of BannersGoMLM and Shawn Casey - world-famous internet marketing millionaire!

Dual programs are a new type of affiliate program that many companies are now taking up, offering two or more different forms of making money. Personal investment from the average mum and dad has seen a huge increase over the last five years due to the information age, baby boomers etc.

This club is the first of its kind offering investment education and different portfolios every month, the difference being that it has added an affiliate program. This way you can make money from the affiliate program with which to invest while at the same time you are being educated on finance, stocks, shares, etc. All money made through the affiliate program can be invested in suggested portfolios or withdrawn to use.

This has huge potential right now as this type of program is new to the internet and also due to the increasing amount of people wanting to learn about the stockmarket and make investments themselves personaly with out going through a finance company or broker. For all details, please visit the website or contact me via email.

202 Park St
Fitzroy North, Victoria
Phone: +61394821994
Fax: +61394821994
Web site:
Contact: Christian Taylor, Affiliate member

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