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Distributors/Retail Baby, Children & Junior Shoes

Today, customers are jaded by a selection of products and services that overwhelm them with choices. In some markets, customers no longer rush to buy things on sale, because a sale is always going somewhere, every day of the week. Because customers have so many choices, they are more demanding. Levels of quality that were considered "above and beyond" only a short time ago are now considered minimum quality standards. Therefore, BOCAMARŪ goes beyond those standards to grab customer's attention in order to establish long term relationships.

BOCAMAR represent a family company dedicated to design, manufacture and sale of babies, children's shoes. Our products are distributed in the wholesale and retail market under the brand name "2&2 Kids Shoes and etc"

For more information about this business opportunity please contact at

433 Plaza Real Ste 275
Boca Raton
Phone: +1 561 715 6973
Fax: +1 561 218 2757
Web site:
Contact: Carlos Trejo, Regional Sales Manager

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