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New Product - The “Wave-Pak” Total Body Massage System

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The “Wave-Pak” Total Body Massage System

Designed and manufactured by Aqua-Flex Tech, it is the best massager on the market today! It is designed to fit almost every body part and is completely adjustable from 6" - 56". The Wave-Pak uses gentle vibrating massage and a reusable hot/cold gel pack to give a pleasuring massage. This allows for long-term use on a daily basis.

The Wave-Pak is hands free and can be worn anyplace, anytime! Its thin profile makes it ideal for people on the go! It can be worn over or under clothing, all without discomfort or interruption of daily routines. Its unique design allows it to be strapped to any standard chair transforming it into a massage chair. It can also be attached to a pillow making it into a therapeutic cushion.

The Wave-Pak is backed by a one-year manufacturer's warranty.
No other massage is as versatile as the “Wave-Pak”!
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