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(Salon international de l'agriculture)
February 23 - March 3, 2019 | Paris, France

From the Organiser's website:

The theme for the 2018 Paris International Agricultural Show is:


A topical theme

At a time when society as a whole is under the influence of trends which have only emerged over the last few years, the Paris International Agricultural Show takes a look at how they are affecting the farming sector.

At the heart of the Show, new contributive or collaborative behavioural habits and more generally, anything that creates social ties can be applied to agriculture: the role played by consumers as contributors to the development of farmers or producers, the role played by livestock farmers, the position of farmers, news about young people on training courses or who have just set up… all serving to provide an overview of a type of agriculture that is the work of more than one person, that is constantly changing, and that the Paris International Agricultural Show seeks to represent.

This theme will be at the heart of this 9-day celebration of the French agricultural sector.

Come and take an in-depth look at the show’s four key sectors:

  • Livestock breeding sectors

  • Crop and plant sectors, Gardening and Vegetable gardens

  • Products from regions across France and its overseas territories and from the rest of the world

  • Agricultural services and professions

For further information:

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