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3964 North Ceanothus Place #L
Calabasas, California 91302

Contact: John Garcia

Terra Overseas was formed to distribute consumer goods internationally. The Company presently owns the exclusive distribution rights for certain hair and skin care products for distribution in Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco. The Company intends to continually expand its distribution network by forming strategic alliances with product manufacturers and local distributors in emerging markets. Terra will provide marketing expertise, product management expertise, and joint product financing while the local distributors provide delivery capability. If you are a local distributor, who sells direct to retailers, interested in entering into a partnership agreement for the sale brand name USA made consumer goods, please send information to John Garcia (E-mail Of particular interest to the Company are companies who have distribution capability in Africa, Asia, and Russia. Important information to include is (1) years in business, (2) number of retail outlets in your network, (3) country, and (4) region. We are also looking for motivated individuals interested in joining our company who will be responsible for developing new markets. Send resume.

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