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2440 U.S. Route 30 . Suite 219
Oswego, Illinois 60538

Contact: Steve Peck

SSP Outsourcing is a world wide purchasing service and trading company that does purchasing and marketing work for many OEM's and manufacturing companies we specialize in resourcing production and service parts. We help purchasing & engineering departments with cost savings, vendor reduction, design & prototype work along with other purchasing & engineering related goals. Our staff is experienced with a parts back ground, we have put together all types of cross reference guides and quick reference manuals for marketing and sales departments. I know SSP Outsourcing, Inc. can be an asset to your company. Following is some detail how we operate. SSP Outsourcing, Inc. takes pride in making the very best purchases that result in cost savings for our clients. Either by working as a broker per part number or as a consultant for a negotiated fee. We market the concept that a company such as yours can hire SSP Outsourcing, Inc. As you need a purchasing professional, allowing you to keep your fixed payroll down to a minimum. Specialized in *costsavings* negotiations.

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