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Av. Lopez Mateos #1277-2 altos
Ensenada, Baja California 22800
Phone: +52 6461734330
Fax: +52 6461734095
Web site:
Contact: Fernando Perez Madrigal, Director

Would you like to do business in Mexico?

If you plan to do business in Baja California, Mexico; we like to offer you all the legal support in order to launch your foreign venture here in Baja California; because we know that the investor often encounters difficulties stemming from a lack of understanding of the country's legal and business culture, language barriers, as well as governmental bureaucracy and regulatory snags.

Thus it is essential to have a knowledgeable legal firm ready to open doors and keep the investment project on the fast track. Our legal firm Baja Business Consultants, is formed by a group of outstanding lawyers, having long experience in a broad spectrum of corporate, industrial, commercial, and financial activities, in order to provide foreign individuals and firms with a wide range of legal and business services, tailored to Mexico's social, economic, legal, tax, and business cultures.

Our long-standing relationships with key figures at the highest levels in business, finance, legal and government enable us to help our clients focus their investment plans where the real opportunities are in Baja, Mexico.

We provide effective contacts where they count most, strategically attuned to the particular strengths of our clients. One of Baja Business Consultants most distinctive capabilities is that we not only "know how", but we "know who".

At the same time that it provides newly arriving investors with services of immediate significance, Baja Business Consultants aims to establish long term relationships, based on absolute confidence, unquestionable honesty, technical efficiency, and above all, the guarantee that any project entrusted to us will be handled with the utmost professional diligence.

For more information or if you want to discuss this issues in more detail please contact me at my office located at:

Avenue Lopez Mateos # 1277-2 second floor,
Mexico Building,
Ensenada, Baja California,
Phones: 011-52 (646) 1734330, 1734322 and Fax 1734095.
Web Site:

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