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1200 Hensley Street
Richmond, California 94801

Contact: Dr. Stephen Bryen

Curoco is the developer of the Omni-Frame (TM) steel framing system for commercial and residential buildings. The company, with over 40 years experience, has developed rigid steel frame buildings that are fast and easy to erect. It has developed mini storage systems, portable storage buildings, carports and walkway covers, RV and boat storage facilities, small and large homes and custom projects. Curoco is seeking JV partners outside the USA. Curoco's galvanized steel building materials are superior because of their load bearing capability, resistance to weather and moisture, and ability to withstand fire, earthquakes and pests. This is an opportunity to develop this line of production on a local basis through a JV or other arrangement. Curoco has developed computer tools for design and development of commercial and residential structures of all kinds.

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