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Trading System

Prevail Consulting is seeking a trader to learn and implement its proprietary trading model. Qualified individuals should possess adequate resources, an aptitude for learning new concepts and be able to work remotely. Experience is not a prerequisite.

We have developed a model with moderate success of around 4-5% a month and about an 80% win rate. It made, after slippage and commission, nearly 87% in 2003 using two thirds of full margin and sustaining an approximate 15% maxdd. It was not traded for most of 2004 but reinitiated 3 months ago. Since then it has generated around 21%. The model has been hypothetically tested since 1981 with consistent results within a statistical deviation.

It is being offered to capitalized individuals or institutions and we will educate them regarding implementation. There is a flat monthly fee to use the model but not until the model is profitable by at least 4 times the fee. Furthermore the agreement to use the model can be canceled at anytime.

In short, no fees are paid until, if the model is followed precisely, profits are generated and there is no imposed time frame to stay in the agreement, exempting the non-disclosure commitment. Hopefully our confidence in the model is apparent.

This is not for everybody and it takes mental fortitude and determination to learn and implement, as most of the participants in this forum may recognize is the case with all trading. However, many find this method simple and profitable in up, down or sideways markets. Interested parties should please send an email with the amount of capital available to trade, past trading experience if any, and how soon commencement can occur.


Phone:  +1.918.810.3863
Contact:  Josh, Consultant

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